Hubspot integration

I am in the process of implementing ON24. Our marketing automation tool is Hubspot and I want to build an integration between these 2 tools. Preferably a 2-way integration. Does any one have experience with building/setting up a 2-way integration?


Not sure if there is a Hubspot app – seems like not from my search there – but I think the best place to start with this would be to talk to your ON24 customer support representative or account manager.

The first thing a Google search turns up is a Zapier integration, which you might take as an indication that there may not be a direct integration for ON24 and Hubspot.

You should definitely do this though. The benefits can be HUGE!

Perhaps another bad sign. In the “webinar” category, you’ll find the following five platforms, but not ON24:

  • Zoom
  • GoToWebinar
  • ClickMeeting Webinars
  • WorkCast Advanced Webinars
  • OnePgr


Thanks for the input @osman.erzinclioglu I am not a fan of the Zapier integration. I currently am working on the integration via Scribe with one of On24 integration specialist but that’s mainly the automated integration from ON24 to Hubspot. They did not know of a automated integration from Hubspot into ON24 (just a one time set up integration).

For now we will work with the webhook solution from Hubspot to ON24. But I am hoping to find out something more about an automated 2-way integration.

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I would say, without meaning to be critical of ON24, that you should consider whether there’s a platform that’s a more “natural fit” for your stack. Integrations can pay such huge dividends for a business that I think it’s always worth considering whether another platform is a better fit with your CRM, MAP, and other tools. (Before pursuing custom integrations.)

We just switched to ON24 and I am so much more happy then with my previous tool. I was just asking (and perhaps also hoping to find) someone who set up a 2 way integration. To hear other experiences of users…